Project Background

Project Area
The map below shows the extents of the Yorkshire Henges and their Environ Air Photo Mapping Project shaded in green. Please refer to the postings page for the latest information on progress of mapping.

Project Background
This is an archaeological mapping and interpretation project using existing air photographs and images captured from lidar survey data to a standard that is consistent with English Heritage's current National Mapping Programme (NMP) specification. The mapping will cover an area of 588km2 in North Yorkshire, encompassing the extent of the Southern Magnesian Limestone Belt in that county and extending northwards to Catterick and eastward to the River Swale across parts of the Vale of Mowbray and the Vale of York. The main products of this project will be digital maps and associated National Monument Record (NMR) records and an end of project report.

Project Funding
This project is funded by English Heritage's Historic Environment Enabling Programme.

Project Timetable
This project started in 2008 and is due for completion in 2012.

Further Information
Further information about this and other NMP-type projects can be found on the English Heritage webpages here.