Monday, 5 July 2010

Project Progress July 2010

The map above shows the progress of the project as of early July 2010. Dark grey areas have been completed. The mapping and recording has been done and the data are available from English Heritage. Most of the records created for these areas will also be available through English Heritage's Pastscape website. The lighter grey areas are near completion, that is to say that the National Monuments Record photos have been examined but some external sources such as the Unit for Landscape Modelling and the North Yorkshire HER are still to be consulted. Records have been made for the data generated so far but these may not yet be available on Pastscape.

Map quarter sheets SE27SE, SE37SW, SE37SE and SE47SW are currently in progress. These cover the interesting and diverse landscapes around the city of Ripon. There are several henge monuments in this area and a greater concentration of known round barrow and ring ditches than has been seen by this project so far. There is also an extensive system of pit alignments and ditches on Hutton Moor.

Ripon was an important centre for the movement of troops in the First World War and traces of accommodation camps and possible hospital sites can be seen on air photographs as low earthworks and cropmarks. Click here for a contemporary account of life at the Ripon Camp.